What Causes Male Breast Enlargement And What Can Be Done to Reduce It?

Male breast enlargement is a condition that is as alarming as it is confusing, because no man wants to have ‘man boobs.’ Find out what causes the condition and what can be done to treat it.

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For women, having an ample bosom size can actually be a source of pride and joy, because the chest area is a female body part that you would want to highlight.

If you have big boobs and you’re a woman, it adds to your sex appeal and femininity.

This is precisely why those who are lacking in that area sometimes even turn to breast-enhancing underwear or in extreme cases, surgery.

But for men, it’s exactly the opposite. That’s because when you’re a man you would want your chest area to be toned, muscly and manly.

For this reason alone, male breast enlargement can be a very frustrating problem indeed.

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What causes male breast enlargement?

Male breast enlargement is actually more common than you think, and a lot of men suffer from this condition.

Scientifically known as gynecomastia, this is basically the abnormal enlargement of the glandular tissues found in the male breast.

The breasts swell to a size that’s not considered to be normal for men, so anyone who has these ‘fat man boobs’ would considerably be alarmed. Usually, it happens during birth, puberty, or old age.

But exactly what causes man boobs? Is it just fat?

The fact is that when men are obese, fatty deposits can gather in the breast, but this is not gynecomastia as we know it. True gynecomastia cannot be remedied simply by diet and exercise, because the roots are much deeper than that.

Scientific studies point to several reasons:

  • Hormonal imbalance

Hormones play a big part in our physical appearance, and if there is an imbalance or abnormality in the hormonal environment of the body, then things become problematic.

If you’re a male for instance and you happen to have an excess of female hormones or estrogen as compared to male hormones or androgens, gynecomastia could be one of the manifestations.

  • Medical conditions

In other cases, having man boobs can also be a symptom or a side effect of another medical condition. It could be connected to chronic renal failure, cirrhosis, and even hyperthyroidism.

Disorders that are relate to the male sex organs (e.g. testicular cancer, Klinefelter’s syndrome) can also result to this.

  • Drug use and abuse

Gynecomastia can also be a side effect of the use of some medications, especially if these drugs are abused and used beyond what is prescribed.

These include some antibiotics, anabolic steroids, tricyclic antidepressants, and even ulcer medications. Even drugs that are usually prescribed for patients with cancer or prostate problems can cause breast enlargement.

Alcohol also be a cause of this condition. Check this article for more info.

Symptoms to watch out for

Since gynecomastia is a medical condition that cannot just be remedied by lifting weights and being more fit, this also means we have to watch out for signs and symptoms.

Once you notice these in your body, you probably have to start asking yourself the question “Do I have gynecomastia?”

Knowing the symptoms as they come will help you address the problem as early as possible.

Here are some of the most common signs:

  • Tenderness of breasts

Unlike female breasts that usually get tender before or during menstruation and in periods when the hormones are in overdrive, male breasts rarely get tender.

When you feel some breast tenderness, this could be a symptom of gynecomastia.

  • Increasing of areola diameter

As far as gynecomastia symptoms are concerned, none could be more alarming than the increasing of the diameter of the areola.

If you notice that the areola surrounding the nipple is actually increasing and your breasts suddenly look asymmetrical because of it, then this could be a cause for concern.

  • Swelling of the breast gland tissue

Swollen breasts are also a sign to watch out for, especially because it hardly happens to men.

Male breasts swell only when there are abnormally high levels of estrogen, such as in the case of newborn males, but these levels tend to normalize as the infant is separated from the mother.

As men age, testosterone levels also decrease, and this could result to higher levels of estrogen and therefore swollen breasts.

Diagnosis and treatment

Gynecomastia diagnosis and treatmentThe question “do I have gynecomastia?” is something that you would probably want to avoid as much as you can, but sometimes you are left with no choice.

Having what they call ‘fat man boobs’ is of course something no man would want to wish upon himself, because it has a lot of psychological implications.

If it happens during puberty, you’re sure to get teased, and if it happens during adulthood, it makes you less attractive to women.

This is the reason why diagnosing the condition is extremely important, followed by ensuring that it is treated properly.

With the right treatment, you no longer have to wonder what the results are when it comes to man boobs before and after.

But first, it has to be diagnosed the right way. When you suspect that you have gynecomastia because you’re encountering some of the symptoms, the doctors will first try to rule out other conditions that could be causing it.

These include a cyst, breast cancer, hematoma, fat necrosis, or even metastasis. A lot of tests may be ordered, and in some cases, even a tissue biopsy.

The treatment of gynecomastia will depend on a lot of factors, such as what the cause is and when it happens.

For teenagers, it’s usually just a hormonal phase and no extreme measures need to be done to achieve a disappearance of the man boobs before and after. Sometimes, the condition just improves by itself.

If the condition is a result of medication, a simple change in medication can lead to positive gynecomastia before and after results.

For cases that can’t be solved on their own though, gynecomastia before and after results can only be achieved through medications, hormone therapy, or in the most extreme of cases, breast reduction surgery.

As much as possible, physicians don’t want to resort to invasive procedures, but in rare cases they are left with no other option.

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