How To Lose Your Man Boobs Fast: Do It Successfully With These 5 Most Practical Methods

If you have man boobs, you don’t need to learn about its effect on your social and romantic life, and on your overall confidence in yourself. You already know that it’s a problem that’s more serious than what others think.

You also most likely want to know how to lose man boobs fast as it’s not something you want to live with indefinitely.

Fortunately for you, it’s not a hopeless scenario. It actually can be fixed.

How to lose man boobs successfully

To beat this, it will help if you know the basic facts about the problem.

The term “man boobs” is obviously not what the doctors and scientists use in their textbooks and scholarly articles. Instead, they call the problem gynecomastia and explain that it’s caused by a hormonal imbalance.

The short version of the problem is that you have too much estrogen and not enough testosterone, and estrogen is associated with feminine traits. Hence, you’ve got boobs.

But the problem may also be caused by fatty deposits in your chest area. This is a symptom of obesity, or at least of being overweight. When these fatty deposits are large enough, your breasts enlarge as well and it becomes a problem.

This condition is called pseudogynecomastia. As the “pseudo” in the term suggests, it’s like gynecomastia but it really isn’t.

It’s important to realize that there’s more than one possible cause of the problem because it helps you make a choice among the potential treatments for the condition.

Whether it’s the estrogen or the fatty deposit that’s causing the condition I will help you determine the right approach to solve the problem.

How To Lose Man Boobs: Methods That Work

Let’s go through the most useful ways to lose man boobs:

1. Choose Your Food Wisely

If you want to know how to lose man boobs naturally, you start with your diet. You need to think about what you eat when you have large breasts and you’re a guy, as your caloric intake affects the problem.

Pomegranates are great for balancing testosterone level

After all, eating too much is certainly a good way to becoming overweight.

So it’s logical to assume that if you eat too much and your body wants to build fatty deposits in your chest area, your diet plays a part.

So the right diet is, of course, to stick to low-calorie dishes and avoid the calorie bombs that you often find in fast food restaurants.

That means avoiding all those sugary treats and bacon burgers.

If you limit your calorie intake, you can keep your body from building fat deposits from the calories you fail to burn up during the course of the day.

However, some food items may also contribute to your hormonal imbalance, if that’s the problem you have. These are the foods that you have to avoid.

Examples of this are shrimp and other types of seafood that are load with too much pesticide that can mess up your hormone balance. Other examples are farmed salmon, eel, and tilapia.

Pesticides are a common problem with fruits as well, especially in strawberries, kale, cherries, apples, and peaches.

That’s why when you’re picking fruits to eat you should stick to organic fruits that don’t use pesticides. Or else you can you should at least avoid the skin of the fruit, where most of the pesticide content can be found.

Other dishes that may be problematic for your hormones include food items made from soy, which may be found in many dishes in a vegetarian diet. Soy contains plant estrogens that can have the same effect as the female hormone.

Beer is, of course, another problem. It’s not only that when you drink lots of beer you consume lots of calories. Beer can lead to food cravings, which can ruin your diet.

Beer also contains plant estrogen. It can also damage your liver so that your body ends up converting your androgens into estrogens.

Other types of foods you should avoid include:

  • Canned food (they contain BPA which was once used for estrogen therapy)
  • Supermarket meat and cheese (they’re wrapped in plastic with PVC, and this messes up your hormones)
  • Licorice (it contains a compound that suppresses your testosterone production)
  • Beets (if you already have a hormonal imbalance, this makes it worse).

Instead, eat low-cal dishes instead. Also go with food items that can help boost your testosterone production, such as lean red meat and organic free range eggs.

Go with food items rich in zinc and vitamins B and E, as these nutrients boost your body’s testosterone production.

2. Make Your Body Useful

Lose man boobs with resistance training

As you limit your calorie intake, you also need to work out if you want to find out how to lose your man boobs. This will force your body to burn up the calories you consume.

If you don’t consume enough calories to support your exertions, your body is forced to burn up your fat deposits for energy instead.

If those body fats are causing the breast enlargement, then eventually your boobs will get smaller as your body burns off the fat.

So what exercises should you do?

The most recommended type of workout involves weight or resistance training. This basically means lifting barbells, dumbbells, and your own body weight with pushups and pull-ups.

Weightlifting works in several ways to help reduce your man boobs. First of all, it burns off fat cells when your body runs out of calories to burn for your exertions.

But lifting weights is also a great way to develop muscles, and muscles do more than just make you look better and more masculine.

You develop your strength, and that makes you more able to work out vigorously and burn off even more calories and fat cells.

Your muscles also boost your metabolism, so you’re burning calories at a faster rate even when you’re not in the gym.

Lifting weights has also been found to significantly boost your testosterone levels.

The increase in your T levels improves your workout performance, which again helps when you have pseudogynecomastia.

But this increase in testosterone also improves your hormonal balance, which certainly helps if your man boobs have been caused by an imbalance in your hormones.

3. Herbal Supplements in Pill Form

The right supplements are often the key factor in succeeding in achieving your fitness goals. Often when people want to lose weight or develop muscles, dieting and working out aren’t enough.

Safe pills that help you losing man boobsThe same goes if you want to find out how to lose man boobs fast. The effective supplement can accelerate the process.

What should you choose? You’ll want to use something that’s actually effective, while it should also be safe.

You don’t want weird side effects, after all. It also certainly helps if it doesn’t cost a heck of a lot.

You can read a bunch of expert and customer reviews to determine for yourself which ones are the best in terms of effectiveness, safety, and affordability.

However, you can simply go with the most popular herbal supplements for man boobs. These are Gynexin and Gynectrol.

These 2 are popular because they work, they’re safe, and they’re affordable.

There are too many of these reviews to ignore, and the results speak for themselves. These 2 options do work differently, however.

Gynexin is mostly about fixing your hormonal imbalance, so it’s more suitable for “real” gynecomastia.

Gynectrol, on the other hand, is all about helping to burn off fatty deposits, so it’s the more logical option for the pseudo version.

Lose man boobs naturally with these pillsSince most people actually have man boobs because of being overweight, Gynectrol should be the first option you try.

Pills are also no-fuss options, as they’re easy to take with water or with meals. The directions for their use aren’t complicated at all.

It also helps that Gynexin and Gynectrol don’t use synthetic compounds and only use herbal ingredients. This cuts down on the side effects so they’re a lot safer.

Synthetic compounds can be dangerous, which is why anabolic steroids for muscle development are banned by athletic leagues all over the world.

The benefits you get aren’t worth the side effects that you risk for your health.

4. Creams Can Help

Instead of pills, you may prefer to apply cream instead. Gynexol comes in cream form, so if you have real gynecomastia then this is the best cream option for you.

There’s really no cream option that works for fatty deposits in the chest, however. Some may work, but in the way a placebo works—it’s other the power of the mind or it’s just coincidence.

If some cream can really help burn off fatty deposits, it would have been the bestselling cream of all time.

5. Surgery For Severe Cases

A surgeon can get right to the heart of the issue (or the tissue) and cut out the enlarged breasts so that you end up with a flat chest.

Surgery is the fastest way to lose man boobs

This can be a real gynecomastia surgery when swollen breast tissues are excised, or it can be some form of liposuction when the fat deposits in the chest area are removed. Either way, this method works.

On the other hand, it is extremely expensive. It can cost you more than $3K and you can bet that your health insurance won’t cover it.

What’s more, there’s always the risk when it comes to surgery.

Finally, if you remove fatty deposits but you persist in eating too much and not working out at all, pretty soon you’ll have the same problem eventually.

So this is the last option, and it’s best only if your doctor suggests it because the other options don’t work.

It’s best for the really severe cases when just ignoring the problem isn’t an option.

If there’s pain involved among the symptoms, then obviously you can’t ignore the problem.

Hopefully, you can afford it. It will really mess up your budget.

The Best Method

For most people, the best treatment is to use a more natural approach. It’s safer and it’s effective in the long run. How long does it take to lose man boobs depends on how serious you are with your approach to the problem.

First, you need to eat the right food items. If your problem is due to obesity, then you really have to cut down on the calories.

You also better have the discipline to avoid junk food with high-calorie content.

If your problem is with your low T levels and hormonal imbalance, then you better do your research on which food items are good and which are bad for you.

As a general rule, you’re better off with the organic food items as the ones with pesticides and other synthetic compounds in the feeds can contribute to your hormonal imbalance.

Next is a proper workout. It’s great if you have a trainer to help you, but you can probably devise a proper workout plan with vigorous and challenging resistance training.

You want to develop muscles and in the process, you’ll burn off your fatty deposits. Eventually, you will end up also burning off the fat cells in your chest so that your chest is as flat as it ought to be.

Finally, you need herbal supplements like Gynexin and Gynectrol.

Plenty of reviews also attest to its effectiveness. The problem with other reviews is that they can be faked, but the sheer volume of the reviews for these products indicates that most of them are authentic. These pills simply work.

They’re also much more affordable, and that’s a practical reason that you can’t just ignore. Surgery is fine, but the expense may not be worth it unless it’s a severe case.

If it’s not as serious, then this approach of diet, workouts, and the right herbal pills is your best bet.

Hopefully it works for you, but statistically, it should. This approach works for most people that have tried it, so it probably will work for you too.

Say goodbye to your man boobs, once you’ve finally decided on how to lose man boobs  the right way.

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