Does Gynectrol Help To Reduce Man Breast? – My Personal Review [Updated in 2019]

Sunday, August 1st 2021

This Gynectrol review was created to help you decide if you should use this pill or not. You will learn who can benefit from using it and who should choose different solutions.

Men with enlarged chests have a problem. They feel embarrassed and insecure.

That’s why they are actively searching for the best solutions.

If you are one of them you definitely already heard about different supplements but you may still don’t know which one really is able to help you.

Gynectrol is one of the options you could use.

In this review, I will present you all you need to know about this supplement. 

Before you decide to use it you must know:

  • what it’s made for
  • how it works
  • who will benefit from using it

Gynectrol Gyno Pill Review

What is Gynectrol?

Gynectrol isn’t a type of medicine. Let’s be clear about that. Instead, it’s an herbal supplement and as a supplement, it’s supposed to work with a healthy diet and a proper workout.

In many cases, workouts and dieting combined don’t work for some people, but the addition of the Gynectrol pills can get you the results you want.

Gynectrol is a new supplement designed to burn fat especially in a chest area. It is made up of all-natural ingredients, thus the chance of side effects is very low.

With this breast reduction supplement, you can reduce the number of fat cells in your chest area and make it look more…manly.

 To learn how Gynectrol work visit its website here:

Here you can get Gynectrol

For the best results, it’s advised that you take Gynectrol for at least 3 months and combine this supplementation with a proper workout routine and diet.

Know Your Issue To Treat It Correctly

Obviously, medical articles and healthcare experts don’t call the condition of enlarged male breasts as “man boobs”. Instead, they refer to it as gynecomastia. It’s this term that seems to add to the confusion, however.

Technically speaking, gynecomastia refers to the condition of enlarged male breasts due to a hormonal imbalance. But that’s not the only possible cause of enlarged breasts in men.

The other cause of the condition is obesity and being overweight when the man accumulates fat deposits in his body.

It’s just that in this case, the fatty deposits are in the chest area of the man.

Having enlarged male breasts due to obesity is thus not gynecomastia, so healthcare experts refer to it as pseudo-gynecomastia.

It’s actually a much more common occurrence than having hormonal imbalances leading to enlarged male breasts.

About 80% of cases of enlarged breasts in men are actually due to the fatty deposits caused by being overweight, and not because of any hormonal problem.

Many Gynectrol reviews do note that it could also be used to help with hormonal issues. However, this is not really a true statement.

Gynectrol tablets are not really for gynecomastia.

If that’s really your problem, then you need a different solution such as Gynexin supplement.

However, it really makes more sense if you consult with your doctor so that your condition can be properly diagnosed, and then you will be able to use something that’s really designed for your condition.

Since pseudo-gynecomastia is actually more common, it makes more sense if you use Gynectrol for your condition.

It’s a sensible first option to try especially if you’re already a bit overweight.

Gynectrol before and after pictures

Why Gynectrol Over Other Solutions?

Gynectrol seems like a good option to try compared to other solutions. Those alternative options tend to come with rather serious disadvantages.

The first option that some men try is to use compression shirts and vests. This flattens your chest underneath your clothes so that your breasts aren’t as prominent under your shirt.

At least you won’t have to hide beneath thick layers and sweaters to cover up your condition.

The problem with this solution is that it’s limited and temporary. It’s more about hiding the enlarged breasts instead of getting rid of them completely.

It really doesn’t work if you’re swimming in the pool or at the beach, nor does it help you when you disrobe for intimate encounters with your partner.

The definitive treatment is to eliminate the condition through gynecomastia surgery. It’s fast and convenient, and it offers good results. It won’t take a week before you can enjoy your flat chest at last.

Still, it is a type of surgery, and as such, there’s always the possibility of complications.

In addition, the cost is extremely prohibitive. It can cost as much as $8,500 and your health insurance will likely not cover any percentage of the cost.

After all, it’s not really medically necessary. In comparison, the Gynectrol price is virtually negligible.

So now we are right back to supplements for your pseudo-gynecomastia.

So why you should use Gynectrol? Does Gynectrol work better than the others, or does it even work at all?

These are the questions that this review will answer.

Advantages of Gynectrol

My bottle of GynectrolNumerous Gynectrol reviews have shown that it really does work for most people.

It must be said that it doesn’t work for everyone, as no supplement or medicine works perfectly with everyone. So with Gynectrol, there may be some people who have negligible results.

What’s good is that for the majority, the Gynectrol results have been quite satisfactory.

  • First of all, the cost is very reasonable. It certainly is a much more affordable option than surgery or even some prescription drugs that your doctor may recommend. Since most men suffer pseudo-gynecomastia anyway, your doctor in all likelihood won’t be prescribing gynecomastia medication in the first place.
  • Another advantage is that it is easy to take. You just take the tablets with a glass of water and you’re good to go. There’s no need for surgical procedures, nor will you have to inject yourself with various drugs.
  • The way in which the improvements to your breast size take place is gradual. Your breasts will get smaller and flatter over the course of a few weeks. The gradual decline in the size of your breasts isn’t too fast so it will not result in sagging or skin wrinkling in your chest area. Have you seen some pictures or videos of men with expanded skin right after a liposuction? That can happen to your chest area if the fat cells are removed too quickly.
  • The supplement uses only herbal medicine, which makes it quite gentle on your system. It doesn’t cause weird side effects that are usually expected from synthetic compounds.
  • You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy this. You can also buy this online and it will be delivered to your door.
  • It also works by loosening the fat cells in the chest area so that they’re easier to get rid of through diet and workouts. It doesn’t reduce the size of your muscles.
  • It’s made by a reputable brand called Crazy Bulk. This brand has forged its reputation making safe herbal supplements that mimic the functions of more dangerous compounds such as anabolic steroids. It’s been at the top level of the supplement industry for so long because of the quality, safety, and effectiveness of its products.

Cons – What You Should Take Into Consideration

This product is relatively new, so there are not many reviews from guys who have actually used it. Thus it is hard to conclude whether this man boobs solution is actually more effective than similar pills.

Another disadvantage of this product is that it would still require you to work out in the gym.

Guys wanting to get rid of moobs without working out may be disappointed that this bodybuilding supplement won’t be effective until they actually go to the gym and perform chest exercises.

However, it can be said that there is no product or solution that would magically get rid of man boobs without the guy working out or diet.

Work out for better results

How Does It Work to Deliver Results?

Gynectrol works in several ways.

One of its most notable functions is reducing your cortisone levels.

When you have high cortisone levels, you end up with high insulin and high blood sugar levels. This situation can then make it much easier for your body to form fat deposits in areas such as your chest.

The reduction of cortisone improves your testosterone production, and that’s a good thing for your body. It not only improves your testosterone-estrogen balance, but it gives you the energy you need to work out, lose weight, and build muscle.

The supplement also increases your metabolism rate, which makes it much easier for you to burn off fat.

Gynectrol also promotes lipolysis, which essentially breaks down fats to release the fatty acids. This encourages your body to turn to your fat for energy instead of breaking down your muscles.

Gynectrol supplement for pseudogynecomastia

Benefits of Reducing Your Breast This Way

  • Now you can go to work without having visible bumps in your chest area so you won’t have to wear layers of clothing to hide them.
  • You can go swimming without your shirt on and also without embarrassment.
  • Intimate moments with your partner can involve taking your shirt off without any sort of insecurity on your part.
  • You can change clothes in public without worrying about people staring at your breasts.

What are Ingredients and What Effects They Provide

The main Gynectrol ingredients have been selected to promote the reduction of chest fat.

Here’s a closer look at several of its main ingredients:


It’s not surprising that a supplement like this has caffeine as one of its main ingredients. It’s been a popular component in so many similar supplements that sometimes it’s surprising if it doesn’t contain caffeine.

Green tea is a Gynectrol ingridientCaffeine is famous for boosting your energy and alertness, and this can give you an extra advantage when you work out. Here, the caffeine comes from green tea.

Caffeine is also a metabolic booster(1), which means that it makes your body much more efficient in burning up calories. You’re able to get through the calories from your food and then burn off more of your fat deposits.

Finally, it also makes another ingredient in the Gynectrol mix more effective. It keeps the sclareolides from breaking down so it can do its work.


This comes from the Salvia Miltiorrhiza Seed, so it’s also a natural component.

One of its main functions is to reduce your body’s production of estrogen so that your hormonal levels don’t go out of whack.

In addition, it also stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone which in turn boosts your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally.

In short, you get more testosterone and less estrogen. For a man, that’s good news.

This ingredient is also responsible for boosting your body’s production of a substance called cAMP (or cyclic adenosine monophosphate). This substance boosts the rate by which your body releases the fat from the cells.


Ingredients of this supplementThis is also a fat burner(2), as it encourages your thyroid to produce more of the hormones that boost your metabolism. Again, greater metabolism means the more efficient burning of calories which eventually leads to the burning of the fat cells in your chest area.


This stimulates insulin, and this, in turn, leads to your body being more efficient at metabolizing (burning off) fat.

Theobromine cacao

It offers similar effects to caffeine in helping you manage your weight.

Other ingredients include green tea extract which has flavonoids and alkaloids, both of which are effective in burning fats.

It should be noted that all the ingredients of this supplement are 100% natural, thus there is almost no risk of it causing any side effects.

Likewise, the ingredients of this man boobs solution are designed to speed up the body’s fat-burning process.

The idea is that with the body burning its fat at a faster rate, you can reduce the fat cells in your chest quickly and safely.

After a few months of using this bodybuilding supplement, you can definitely have a flatter chest.

Is Gynectrol Safe?

The short answer to this question is that yes, it’s safe.

It only has natural ingredients with proven safety records, and the Crazy Bulk brand also has a terrific reputation for safety and the lack of side effects.

It is theoretically possible that you may be allergic to some of the ingredients, but it is very unlikely.

If you will have some negative side effects, it will most likely be due to taking too much of the supplements.

It is safe and effectiveThe caffeine can be a problem because some people have a very low tolerance for it. Also, some users may be regular coffee drinkers and taking Gynectrol can put in too much caffeine into their systems.

When people have too much caffeine, they may then get anxious and jittery, and sleep problems are not uncommon.

The Gynectrol side effects from caffeine are much more serious if you have epilepsy, diabetes, or any type of bleeding disorder as the caffeine can aggravate the symptoms.

The guggulsterones can also have cause adverse effects when you take more than the 2 recommended pills each day. These side effects can cause GI issues such as belching, vomiting, and stomach upset, along with diarrhea and loose stools. Headaches are also possible.

If you’re allergic to this component, you may experience itching and skin rashes. However, for the most part, the risk is mostly from taking too much of the supplement.

The theobromine cacao can also cause side effects when you take too much of it. The effects can include constipation nausea, gas, and intestinal discomfort. You may have allergic skin reactions and you may also get migraines.

Basically, don’t take too much of it, and don’t take it at all if you’re taking medication or your suffering from some other ailment.

You should be in reasonably good health, and if you have a lick of sense and follow the directions you won’t have any trouble at all with side effects.

How To Take It

There are several pros of using this supplement. One is that it is very easy to use.

If you are wondering how to use Gynectrol, then you must know that it must be taken twice a day, just before meals.

During days when you are to train or workout, these pills must be taken at least 30 minutes before the start of the exercise.

Some people take 1 in the morning and another at night, although a few people take 4 capsules a day, 1 every 6 hours. However, that’s not really recommended.

Since it comes in tablet form, there should be no problem for you in taking it anywhere.

There are also no injections required, nor prescriptions from physicians in order for you to buy the pills.

Manufacturer suggests that men with man boobs should take the pills for at least two to three months to get the best results.

Where to Buy Gynectrol

Why you should get GynectrolYou may find this supplement available at many websites, but for your safety, you should just buy them from the official Crazy Bulk website.

Then you can be sure you’re getting the real thing, and you can buy it with the 60-day return guarantee.

You’ll know for a fact that you’re not getting placebos or some contaminated items. These are the risks when you buy them from other websites.

You can’t buy Gynectrol from pharmacies, so you’re really forced to go online. It’s also not a good idea to just buy this from anyone else since you’re not really sure what you’re getting.

The price is reasonable, compared to what you’d be spending with the other alternatives. Other brands may be cheaper, but you’ll be wasting your money if they’re much less effective.

On the official site, it costs about $62 (or $62.99 to be exact) for a month’s supply. Buy 2 of these, and you get the 3rd one free.

Conclusion – It’s For You If You Want to Burn Your Chest Fat

So should you buy this? That’s up to you, though if you’re having problems with enlarged male breasts then it’s a very good option to take.

After all, it’s very effective and there’s a great chance that it will work for you. You can then enjoy the benefits of a flat chest in just a few weeks.

What you must understand is that it is still a supplement, so it’s not a magic pill that solves all your man boobs problems.

You’re still required to reduce your calorie intake and you also need to work out strenuously to burn your calories and fat deposit cells.

It’s just that with Gynectrol, you may find better results than with just a restrictive diet and a strenuous workout, and it’s a much better option than other man boobs supplements.

The Gynectrol reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and there’s nary a chance of serious negative side effects. You just have to follow directions to take this safely.

With this, you can finally see what life can become when you have an ordinary flat chest.

You may find that your confidence can get a boost without the insecurity and embarrassment of enlarged male breasts.

You can dress better, go out to swim without fear and anxiety, and have normal intimate moments with your partner without suffering the anxiety brought upon by disrobing.

Man boobs aren’t really funny, regardless of what the TV comedies may seem to imply. It’s a serious matter, and Gynectrol is a serious option.

You have much to gain and very little to lose, so you really should think about giving Gynectrol a try.

Here You can Buy Gynectrol from the Crazy Bulk website:


Use the “buy 2 get 1 free” option available on a Gynectrol website. To see real results use Gynectrol for more than one month. Most users see tangible results after 2-3 months of regular taking it.









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