Can You Reduce Your Man Boobs Through Gynecomastia Exercises?

What workouts really work for man bobs? Listed below are the best gynecomastia exercises to get rid of gyno and get the desired flat chest.

Gynecomastia exercises that help to get flat chestEnlarged breasts can certainly be a sore point for a man since it is a primarily female attribute.

Whether it is the physical inconvenience of having engorged mammary glands or the embarrassment that comes with such condition, those who suffer from gynecomastia would certainly look for ways to get rid of it permanently.

Just as weight loss can be successfully addressed by working out, gynecomastia exercises can also be an effective solution to man boobs.

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Listed below are a few recommended man boobs exercises to get rid of gynecomastia, as well as lose weight at the same time.

Exercises That Help With Gynecomastia

Daily Cardio Routine

20 Minute Running Session

Getting your heart rate up is paramount in calorie burning and running is just about the best way to get your pulse going.

A 20-minute running session, whether on a treadmill or on the open road is an ideal way to start your new active lifestyle.

For the first two to three weeks, you can stick with running every other day, which translates to 3-4 times per week.

You can increase the frequency of your runs after the first month, or you can even go for 5 to 6 days per week, if you have developed the stamina for it.

If you already have a treadmill at home, now would be a good time to take full advantage of the machine.

If not, you can consider getting a trial membership at a gym (some gyms do offer trial programs or month-to-month memberships for clients who do not wish to commit to a long-term contract) until such time your body get used to regular physical exertion.

Running can be a challenge for men who have enlarged breasts, so it would be a good idea to invest in comfortable workout clothing as well as supportive wear for your chest to prevent bouncing while you workout.

Rowing Routine

Another man boobs exercise that has been proven to work is rowing, which involves working out the chest as well as arm and back muscles.

This particular exercise is great for getting rid of excess fat that accumulated in the chest over the years.

You can start with 10-minute sessions for the first two weeks (3 times per week), until you gain the strength and endurance to do the exercise for 30 minutes everyday.

Rowing routine to make reduce your gyno

Low Impact Man Boobs Workouts

Many who suffer from gynecomastia are not in the best shape to begin with, which is why it is necessary to start with low impact exercises before moving on to more demanding workouts such as free weights, etc.

Swimming and elliptical training are two of the most effective man breasts exercises that do not stress the joints and ligaments too much the way running does.

Swimming targets the upper body almost as effectively as rowing, but it does not cause too much fatigue even when done for more than an hour.

Similarly, elliptical training(1) is also good for keeping your heart rate up, except it does not impact your knees and ankles the way running on a treadmill does.

Low impact routines are highly recommended for men aged 45 and above, or those who are nursing injuries such as torn ligament (ACL, MCL), sprained knee/ankle, etc.

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Strengthening Gynecomastia Exercises /Weight Lifting

When you make it through cardio and interval training (and gained good results), it is time to move on to more complex routines such as weightlifting.

At this point, your man breasts should have already shrunk at a manageable level (still visible but not too conspicuous as before) which means you can start the final stages of the process.

Lifting is an excellent way to develop chest muscles and get rid of whatever is left of your man breasts.

Cardio exercises are just one part of the exercise discipline you need to build when you want to lose your man boobs.

You also need some exercises to strengthen your chest area. This is now a more efficient “targeting” exercise. Here are some of the best strengthening exercises for the chest area:

1. Seated chest press

Doing this exercise starts with you sitting with your back completely flat against the machine. It is important that you start by slowly pushing on the weights straight, moving outside in a horizontal motion. Slowly return to your starting position.

The key here is to have steady movement. Do not forget to control your breathing while doing the chest press. Do 8 sets with 12 repetitions for each set.

Seated chest press exercise for improving your chest muscles

2. Cable crossovers

Start this exercise by hooking up the handles to the pulley station. Stand with extended arms in the shoulder level, slightly bend your elbows and plant your feet apart (shoulder width).

Slowly bring both of your hands together and cross them in front of you. Return to your original position and do it all over again. Perform 8 sets of this exercise with 12 repetitions for each set.

Cable crossover exercise reducing man boobs

3. Incline Flyes

Start this exercise by sitting on an inclined bench in a 45 degree angle. Hold the dumbbells above you and then lower your hands out to your sides.

Make sure to do this without dipping the height of your arms below your shoulder level. And then get the dumbbells up above you again like you are hugging someone in front of you. Repeat this 12 times for each set (do a total of 8 sets for this exercise).

Incline flyes exercise for building manly chest

4. Bench press

Start this exercise by lying in your back against the bench. Slowly press the barbell upward directly above you. When doing this make sure that your back does not leave the flat surface of the bench.

As you press on the barbell, breathe out. As you let it go down, breathe in. Do four sets of this exercise with each set having 8 to 12 repetitions.

Bench press exercise to diminish moobs

5. Push ups

Push ups is one of the best exercises to flex the muscles(2) in the chest area. And it can be done anywhere, even in the comforts of your home.

Place your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart and lower yourself to the floor so that you nose is almost touching the surface. Push yourself up slowly. Steady movement is again the key to this exercise.

To add a little bit of intensity, you can try doing the clap push ups or also called the plyo push ups. As you go down to the floor, push your weight up vigorously so that you are suspended in the air.

As you are floating up, clap your hands before going back to the push up position.

Another way to add more challenge to the push up routine is to elevate your feet on a bench thereby subjecting your upper body to more weight as you go up and down for the push up motion.

Push ups exercise helping make your chest look better

6. Chest dips.

Chest dips are great for building your chest muscles and reducing man boobs. To learn about this very effective chest exercise read my article here.

Boot Camp Courses

If you have time and money to spare, you might also want to consider enrolling in a boot camp course. There are highly specialized courses offered for men who want to lose weight, specifically in the chest area.

It is important to note that boot camp is intense and physically demanding so it is not for the faint of heart. The instructors are mostly trained body builders and some are retired military personnel who have seen combat and are particularly adept to physical training.

Enhancing the Effects of Man Boobs Exercises

While exercises can certain work wonders for your man breasts, there are ways to hasten the process even more.

There are a number of products that you can use while doing the exercises, such as gynecomastia pills and topical creams.

Gynectrol is a potent gynecomastia pill that is designed to reduce breast size by increasing testosterone production while simultaneously lowering estrogen levels in the body.

It is often the case that men with enlarge breasts have very low levels of testosterone (the hormone which controls secondary sexual characteristics in male), so oral supplementation may be necessary to correct the imbalance.

Breast reduction creams such as Gynexol also bring a great deal of improvement when used in combination with oral pills and exercise.

Gynexol is particularly useful since it is formulated not just for burning off lipids in the breasts but also for chest sculpting.

The Triple Treat Method

The combination of doing gynecomastia exercises, taking pills, and using breast reduction cream is indeed a potent regimen that can guarantee results faster than other methods.

While there is no single best way to approach the process of male breast reduction, using a combination of different solutions certainly increases the odds in your favor.

As far as the gynecomastia exercises go, it is best to start with something that your body can tolerate. It is not wise to just dive into complex routines before you are ready as it can cause injuries, which would be counterproductive and dangerous to your health.

Once you have a competent workout plan in place, the rest is easy to figure out. The supplements and topical cream mentioned above are among the best products today and you can find out more how they work by reading up on reviews and customer testimonials.

Gynecomastia is no laughing matter, but it is a condition that can be resolved using the proper method and your personal commitment to the process.

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