How to Reduce Your Male Boobs by Eating Foods That Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone primarily produced by the testicles. Whether you like it or lump it, the hormone is the basis of your existence.

Testosterone aids in muscle building enhances your bone strength, influences your heart and memory as well as determining your sex drive and the penis size.

At this site we are specifically interest in methods that help reduce or remove man boobs. Good news are that testosterone has positive effects on your chest.

Therefore let’s check how you can naturally increase your testosterone level by eating foods that boost testosterone.

Foods that boost testosterone level

Indeed, testosterone plays a central role in male sexuality although women have testosterone too. The hormone impacts factors such as muscle mass, hair growth and reproductive function among others.

Beginning the age of 30, a man’s testosterone levels gradually starts to decline, and that continues as he ages. This may cause erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and problems with memory and concentration.

Thus, it’s imperative that you offer your T-levels in the body a little more attention every now and then.

However, most middle aged men today have realized the benefits of testosterone, and that has led to use of testosterone as a lifestyle drug.

Foods That Boost Testosterone

It’s better if you’d focus on improving your testosterone levels using a natural diet and avoid the drug form.

Before thinking of running to your nearest supplement store, give your manliness a boost, by adding these testosterone boosting foods:

  • Ginger

You know this root veggie which is used in the most delicious dishes. Its health benefits are stronger than you never imagined.

Apart from fighting nausea and even cancer, a study in the Tikrit Medical Journal in 2006 showed that the vegetable could significantly improve testosterone as well as semen quality in infertile men. You need to grate some of it and stir-fry it.

  • Wheat Bran

Apart from offering more fiber, wheat bran is a rich magnesium source, a mineral that increases testosterone levels.

A study revealed that eating foods rich in magnesium and combining that with intensity exercise is an effective way to increase T levels. For a healthy meal, try wheat bran with oatmeal, peanut butter, and protein shakes.

  • Eggs

Eggs help to increase testosterone naturallyWell, eggs are among the testosterone boosting foods which you need to do it naturally. The yolks cholesterol promotes the production of this hormone.

If you’re worried about your heart, you don’t have to as a study showed that eating 3 eggs a day is still safe for your heart.

  • Cabbage

Cabbage boasts high concentrations of indole-3-carbinol, a compound known to flush out female hormones.

Men who took 500 mg daily of this popular veggie for at least a week were found to have decreased estrogen levels. This makes testosterone more effective.

Consequently, indole-3-carbinol is such a powerful antioxidant that aids in preventing cellular damage that may be caused by free radicals.

  • Milk

Milk contains amino acids that enhance the manufacture of anabolic hormones which are responsible for muscle building. For toned and well-developed muscles, take 200 ml of the precious drink daily.

  • Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is not only a delicious lasagna staple, but it’s also a source of whey protein. Needless to say, those people who are passionate about building muscles need it more.

What’s more, whey protein can reduce the level of cortisol creating more room for testosterone. Additionally, you can use it for recovery from weightlifting.

The invaluable whey is also present in yogurt, milk and whey protein powder.

  • Coconut

Coconut is a reliable source of saturated fat that’s essential for testosterone production. You only need to monitor your caloric intake to keep your T levels at its peak and at the same time prevent heart issues.

  • Shrimp

Shrimp is rich in vitamin D which is known to have a strong link with testosterone. If you keep your vitamin D levels high, you definitely got high levels of testosterone as well.

It’s for the exact same reason that people who have higher blood cells of the vitamin always have stronger lower and upper body muscles.

Eat seafood to increase testosterone levels

Other vitamin D rich foods include salmon, mackerel, and sardines.

  • Garlic

Garlic, just like strawberries is perfect at lowering cortisol levels in your body, thanks to the crucial compound allicin. Cortisol fights testosterone for sites in the muscle cells reducing the effect of the latter.

Lowering the levels of cortisol in the body allows testosterone to perform its important roles. Remember that uncooked garlic is more effective than when cooked.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a reliable source of zinc, a mineral that enhances various chemical reactions in your body just like testosterone production.

A study shows a close link with the two hormones where men with low zinc intake often have lower testosterone levels. Try adding pumpkin seeds to salads, shakes, and oatmeal.

Testosterone is an incredibly important hormone for muscle growth, bone strength, increased sex drive, and enhanced energy levels.

Ensure that it doesn’t decrease below the normal levels as that may affect other body functions.

Therefore make it a priority to eat foods that will boost your T levels. Doing it naturally will ensure a healthy lifestyle.

What Increases Testosterone Levels?

Decreased testosterone levels can result in body malfunction, mineral deficiency, and even death. To prevent a decline is the hormones production, one needs to observe precaution to ensure that it always at its peak, which is the most effective level.

Below are some natural ways to boost testosterone levels:

  • Get rid of sugar

Sugar increases insulin production which reduces room for testosterone production.

To ensure that your testosterone levels are effective, you need ot cut back on grains, processed food, soda, pasta, and cereals. Instead, take veggies, and healthy fats are replacements.

  • Avoid stress

We already know what the effect of stress on testosterone is; it increases cortisol levels resulting in a decrease in testosterone levels.

To ensure ideal hormone levels, minimize stress and focus on happy thoughts. Also, eat a balanced diet and do regular exercise followed by ample rest and sleep.

  • Get in shape to boost testosteroneLose weight

When you put on weight your testosterone level goes down. Therefore, it is important to try to be in a healthy weight brackets.

You can check the BMI calculator to see how much you should weight for your height.

Also, intensive exercises except helping to lose weight are boosting testosterone production. So, go to the gym and do some weights to boost your T levels.

  • Make sure you consume enough zinc

You must add zinc in your diet. Protein rich foods such as sea foods, eggs, meat, and nuts are ideal sources of zinc.

You only need to cook them in moderation as overcooking them can significantly affect the nutrient levels.

However, too much of zinc can be problematic as it can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb other minerals. To attain the recommended daily dosage of 40 mg, you may need to consult about the ideal zinc supplement.

  • Increase your vitamin D level.

How often do you expose yourself to the early morning sun? If you don’t, you need to start and get enough of it.

This will increase the vitamin D production in the body. If sun exposure isn’t an option for you, look for a D3 supplement.

  • Take supplements.

While there has been an ongoing debate about the merits of vitamins and minerals, it’s good to know that some of them are indeed helpful to your body.

For instance, Zinc and Vitamin D supplements could be the perfect ones to take. From studies, these two have proved to be the strongest testosterone enhancers.

Just ensure that you know which the best brands are and consult your physician first before beginning the supplementation.

Prime Male testosterone boosting supplementAnother option is to take a natural testosterone booster that has all above mentioned minerals and vitamins blended together.

Those testosterone supplements can be very effective as they don’t have testosterone in them but ingredients that boost natural testosterone production in the body.

Check this testosterone boosting supplement as it can increase your testosterone and help diminish your gyno.

  • Focus on a good-quality sleep.

Every medical expert will always insist on the golden bag of health benefits that comes with getting the right sleep.

Sleep helps in the repair of cells and offers ample strength for daily activities. As for testosterone levels, a study has proven that sleeping for just 5 hours per night, reduces testosterone levels by up to 15%.

Moreover, yet another study showed that for people who sleep for less than 4 hours, they had almost deficient levels.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Excessive drug abuse, alcohol intake as well as exposure to estrogen like chemicals are considered unhealthy and can have diverse effects on your testosterone levels.

To promote the hormone’s production, you need to eat healthy keep thinking positively.

Testosterone affects every male’s health not mentioning various body functions. As a result, you need to make an effort to keep its levels efficient. Take good care of your health to increase testosterone production.

Facts and Myths about Testosterone

If you want to be well informed about how you can increase your testosterone levels, then you should educate yourself about some relevant facts.

You will be surprised by how much it will pay to know the foods you should consume as well as the ideal workouts for you, and much more.

However, it’s also an undeniable fact that despite there being a couple of facts, there are also myths about the hormone. Here is a list of myths and facts about testosterone.

It’s always important to keep them in mind to ensure you’re not fooled by false thoughts.

  • Myth: Using testosterone supplements may result in prostate cancer

While people living with prostate cancer often take medications to lower body testosterone, experts believe that it doesn’t depict testosterone supplements as causative substances of prostate cancer.

It’s, however, a fact that when you have cancer, testosterone promotes its growth.

  • Fact: Everyday habits can lower testosterone levels

Lifestyle choices and testosterone levels

Yes, some of your lifestyle choices can be extreme that they negatively affect the level of testosterone in your body. For instance, tobacco affects the production of hormones that promote the production of testosterone.

As said earlier, alcohol intake can reduce your testosterone levels. Therefore, you need to check the negative lifestyle choices as they affect the amount of testosterone that your body produces.

  • Myth: Taking testosterone supplements is good for sperm count increase

Contrary to that, testosterone supplements can actually lower the amount of sperm that your body produces. With increased levels of the hormone, the body inhibits the production of Luteinizing hormone which is responsible for the production of sperms.

To add on that, experts are weighing out the possibility of administering testosterone-based medications as contraceptives.

  • Fact: Drinking causes low testosterone levels

By drinking alcohol, you will reduce your T levels for up to 24 hours. Research has revealed that alcohol intake has a close link to altered levels of added reproductive hormones as well as low testosterone.

Moreover, medical experts are also trying to determine the potential mechanisms for damage as a result of alcohol consumption.

Some findings suggest that excessive and chronic alcohol intake can have adverse effects on male’s reproductive ability and his offspring’s’ health as well.

  • Fact or Myth: Testosterone supplements are linked to cardiovascular problems.

This is a strong ongoing debate at present. In 2015, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) raised concerns and even released a memo that warned doctors about the chances of testosterone supplements increasing the risk of a heart attack, stroke and even potential death.

However, a section of doctors think that the FDA made such strong claims due to an abundance of caution.

To be safe, it’s advisable that you discuss the cardiovascular effects any testosterone related supplement with your doctor especially if you have a history of heart disease.

  • Myth: Excessive levels of testosterone can cause baldness

Well, baldness can only be genetically traced and determines. There are no facts to support the claims about testosterone link to baldness.

Men with low testosterone can still be bald hence the claims are irrelevant. What’s more, a study showed that men with male pattern baldness feature the same levels of testosterone as those with a full head of hair.

Is baldness linked with testosterone

These are just but a few facts and myths related to testosterone. There are still more facts and myths out there, and it’s important that you check on those various claims to avoid taking a hazardous risk on yourself.

After all, you are the one to benefit or suffer depending on things you will choose to believe. Finally, remember to take time to educate yourself as you’d rather be safe than sorry.


Testosterone is a crucial hormone for both genders even though it’s associated with men. In males, it is such an important hormone as it aids in the beginning sexual development and keeps a man healthy for the rest of his life.

Having learned some of the few foods you can eat, you need to improve your lifestyle and continue educating yourself on facts and myths regarding testosterone.

Most people view testosterone as a hormone to increase one’s sex drive (which is true), but the hormone has connections with muscle building and multiple health aspects; hence, you should be mindful of it.

If you suffer from mild gynecomastia you should seriously take care of your testosterone level. Even more sevee cases of gyno can be reduced by boosting testosterone production.

Do anything you can to increase it naturally as it can help you get rid of your gyno. You can just start by eating foods that boost testosterone that I listed in this article.









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