Why Dips Is The Best Chest Workout For Men Trying To Lose Their Male Breast

Part of what is considered as masculinity is having a big sculpted chest. The process towards getting a bigger and wider chest is not as complicated as some would assume.

All it takes is finding the right chest workout and then focusing on that exercise until you hit your target.

Chest dips exercise

There are many workouts for chest muscle build up, burning chest and getting rid of man boobs. The question is, which one of those exercises is the best for growing chest muscle?

Chest dips are by far the best exercise that you can incorporate into your workout routine. It has many advantages over other workouts such as pushups, cable crossovers, and bench presses.

Chest Dip Exercise – Why It’s The Best Chest Workout For Men?

As already stated, chest dips are the most efficient form of chest build and growth exercises. This is because of all the muscles that are involved while doing this exercise.

When you are doing chest dips during your training, the entire upper body, muscles in your arms, back and shoulders are involved.

So, you can be sure that all that work is going into giving you those muscles you so badly want.

Also, chest dips are great at providing you with a hormonal increase. The hormones which are boosted during this exercise are beneficial towards reducing man boobs.

This ensures that your chest is toned and that there is adequate muscle build up around the chest area.

To have that evenly toned body, it is recommended that you should also include some bodyweight exercises. That way, you will stabilize the entire body rather than just focus on your upper body.

The inclusion of other exercises ensures that you cut down on more fat and have higher levels of testosterone.

This is the best way of getting that chiseled muscular body that you have wished for all along.

How to Do Chest Dips

Chest dips can either be done at the gym or at home. At a gym, there are machines made specifically for chest dips. Otherwise, you can use the following instructions to do chest dips properly.

1. Make sure that you have access to parallel bars. If you are not able to get parallel bars, you can substitute them by using two tables or chairs which are facing opposite directions.

If you use a chair, depending on the type, you can wear garden gloves to thwart a lot of pressure being placed on your hands.

2. Support your body with your arms on the parallel bars while you ensure that your elbows are locked while you keep your arms straight.

3. As you breathe in, start bending your knees till the point when your feet will be behind you. Lean forward until you are around 30 degrees or until you feel there is stretching in the chest area.

Putting your feet behind you will help you balance your body weight while you are in this position.

4. The next step requires to bend your elbows to lower your body. Ensure that neither your feet nor your knees touch the ground. Keep breathing in steadily while you do this.

5. Continue bending until when your shoulders are at the same level as your elbow. At this point, you will stop bending, breathe out, then using your chest bring yourself back to starting position.

6. Remember to keep leaning forward to get the best results from this chest workout.

How to do chest dips exercise

How Can You Integrate Dips Into Your Training?

Chest dips might not be easy for everyone. It requires that one puts its energy. This goes to show just how powerful of an exercise it is.

For those who might not be familiar with chest dips and are having a hard time doing several of them at one go, do not despair. There is a measure which you can take which will help you get used to this exercise.

For instance, if you are training at a gym you can get someone to assist you to do the chest dips. Using your legs to help you lift yourself back to the starting position can also help.

The other trick is to do partial or negative reps as this will get you prepared for chest dips. In due time, you will get used to doing this movement.

Advantages of Chest Dips Exercises

If you are not convinced yet that chest dips are the most powerful chest exercise, here are some of the benefits which arise from using them.

1. Extra Hormonal Boost

As you already know by now, chest dips stimulate an increased production of hormones both during the workout and after. Testosterone and growth hormones are examples of the hormones produced while doing chest dips.

These hormones are great at helping on to burn fats in the body thus losing more weight and reduce man boobs. Beyond that, the hormones also contribute towards muscle build up.

2. Wider Chest

The movements that you do during chest dips will give you a wider chest. Because of the movement of the elbow and shoulders supporting the body, your outer chest is actively involved in the exercise.

As a result, you can be sure that your chest is going to get wider. The results that you get by doing chest dips are much better than from other exercises.

Chest dips workout for men

3. You Are Getting Stronger

The chest dips exercise makes you stronger. To do chest dips, you have to make movements while supporting the body.

Other than the chest area, body parts such as the abdomen, legs, and lower back are also actively involved in this exercise.

Chest dips can be concluded as being a whole-body type of exercise. Consequently, you become even stronger as many muscles across the body are involved.

4. You Will Grow a Bigger Chest Faster

This benefit is in comparison to other exercises. With chest dips, you will develop more chest muscles at a faster rate. This is because of the movement that is involved.

During a chest dip, there is a better focus on the chest muscles compared to any other similar workout.

Research on the human anatomy has indicated that the deltoid muscles which are located at the shoulders do not contribute much towards chest growth.

These muscles are not very involved in the chest dip. By doing chest dips you can develop more chest muscle as opposed to shoulder muscle.

5. Your Shoulders Become More Flexible

The shoulders are not completely left out in this exercise. The stretching that the shoulders do ensure that they become stronger over time.

Thus, giving you an increased flexibility in the shoulders. However, those who have weak shoulders should be careful while doing this exercise.

Such people need to ensure that they go slow and not move beyond what their shoulders feel comfortable at.
You can get injured if you put too much strain on your shoulders. For this reason, it is important to take things slow.

What Make Chest Dips a Better Option Compared to Bench Presses?

We have gone through some of the benefits of chest dips. Now we will look into some of the disadvantages of other exercises, in particular, bench presses. That way, you can understand why chest dips are the most powerful chest muscles exercise.

Disadvantages of bench press

1. It has resulted in many cases of shoulder injuries

During the bench press workout, there is a likelihood that you might injure your muscles in the shoulders such as the rotator cuff muscles.

There have been cases where the exercised has caused serious injury, wear and tear or damage. This is because the bench press puts excessive strain on this muscle which results in injury.

2. It is not a convenient exercise for chest growth

Despite the warning about this exercise, many people have still gone ahead and tried it. The unfortunate thing is that it’s the same people who end up complaining of how this exercise did not give them that dream body that they desired.

Would you like to know the science behind this? Located at the shoulders are the deltoid muscles which I mentioned before.

When someone does a bench press, it is mostly the deltoids muscles which are put to work, instead of the chest muscles. If you want to get a bigger and sculpted chest, the pectoralis major muscles are where your focus should be at.

That is why you have not gotten those chest muscles yet. You are focusing on the wrong muscles.

Bench press workout

3. Torned pectoralis major muscles

This is a very severe injury which might results in a surgery. Ouch! The pectoralis major muscle is attached by a tendon to the upper arm bone.

If excessive pressure or strain is put on the pecs muscle, the tendon might rapture from the bone leading to serious injury. Isn’t it better to choose the right chest exercise?

4. Bench press might lead to reduced shoulder flexibility

This is as a result of too much strain that is put on the shoulder during a workout involving bench presses. The strain eventually kills the flexibility that your shoulder had.

As a result of the reduced flexibility, it might be harder to move your shoulder around, for instance, when trying to reach your back. The right exercise will prevent this from happening.

What Exercises Other Than Chest Dips Are Suitable for Chest Growth?

Beyond having a bigger chest, it is important to make sure that you are fit as well. That can only be achieved by incorporating whole-body exercises.

So, you should consider adding other exercises into your workout routine for more balanced physique.

To begin with, upper back exercises such as pull-ups and bent-over rows will be the best to make your upper body muscular and toned.
It’s also important to balance out the shoulders and the chest. It will not be good to only focus on the chest area as that will make the shoulders look as though they are hunched forward.

To get rid of fat in other areas of the body, you will need more than just chest exercises. For instance, it’s a great idea to also include the whole-body exercises and leg training as well.

Effective chest workout for man boobs

Could Chest Dips Make Man Boobs More Visible?

There hasn’t been a lot of research indicating that this will happen. Chest dips might bring out more results on the lower chest than the upper chest in some people.

However, from recent research, we can conclude that chest dips are more likely to cause the chest to grow evenly. You should also know that including decline bench presses in your workout will reduce the chances of man boobs sticking out.


If you wish to get a more muscular chest within a short time, the chest dips exercises will give you the best results.

Chest dips are the safest and most effective exercises to build a wider and more muscular chest.

The focus on the chest pectoralis major muscles is what makes this exercise such a powerful for chest growth.

It’s time for you to try it and check if you get great results as many men before you.

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