Reduce Your Man Boobs By Eating According to Gynecomastia Diet

If you have man boobs then you understand the urgency of getting rid of it.

There is nothing to like about overdeveloped male breasts but unfortunately it is a reality for millions of men and even young boys.

A man boobs diet is one of the available options, but doing this the wrong way can easily backfire.

There are specific food items that can either help or make worse one’s struggle with man boobs.

Read on to know what food you NEED to eat and what you should AVOID.

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The man boobs diet

A man’s dignity can easily be erased by the presence of man boobs. This often results to embarrassment, anxiety, and even failure in one’s social life. But the good news is that it can be removed.

Choices need to be made but safe and effective solutions do exist. One of which is a diet that helps to lose man boobs.

At the end of this article you will find a list of foods you should eat, and foods you should avoid to reduce your man breast.

Man Breasts, Gynecomastia and Obesity

Man boobs are primarily caused by two things. The first one is a medical condition called gynecomastia.

This health condition refers to the abnormally low level of testosterone in a man’s body or the presence of too much estrogen in one’s system.

There is an ideal level of these hormones in the body. A hormonal imbalance that results to testosterone being overpowered by estrogen will cause the male breast to swell.

This overdevelopment of the breast is not dependent on one’s weight and may require some specialized medication and procedures.

Gynecomastia often goes away in time, 2 years at most in some cases. But there are cases when men who have gynecomastia want to get rid of it ASAP and so treatments in the form of medication or surgery is used.

There are also cases when other underlying diseases are causing the gynecomastia. This makes it necessary to consult to a doctor.

Another cause of man boobs can be linked with obesity(1). A man boob caused by obesity is actually a proportional increase of chest fat to the overall fat levels in the body.

The fatter the man becomes the bigger his breasts will be. This case is often called pseudo gynecomastia and getting rid of it can mean eating the right food with the right volume.

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Is there a Man Boobs Diet?

A man boob caused by gynecomastia can be addressed by a dietary change but this can only help so much. This is because the enlargement of a man’s breast, in this case, is playing out in the hormonal or biological level.

Addressing gynecomastia can mean going to the doctor and asking for some proven solutions to once and for all deal with the problem.

Recommended diet for fatty chestDoctors can prescribe breast cancer medication to control the swelling of the breasts. This can be necessary especially when there are observed complications such as pain and discharges in the breast/s.

Doctors can also go for hormonal treatment especially when testosterone levels are very low or the patient is insistent of getting rid of the man boob fast.

But the more common approach today is surgery. This can be a simple removal of excess fat in the breast through liposuction(2) or the removal of the breast gland tissue through mastectomy.

These procedures are safe and can provide for the immediate removal of the man boob.

However, these can only be done in applicable cases. Gynecomastia caused by diseases such as kidney failure, tumors, liver failure, and hyperthyroidism just to name a few will demand treatment of these conditions first before directly dealing with the man boobs through surgery.

How To Treat Male Breasts Caused by Obesity

A man boob that is caused by high level of fats in the body such as in the case of obese men can be addressed by lifestyle changes and by integrating a diet and exercise routine that both targets the overall fat level of the body and specific “problem areas” (in this case, the chest area).

One principle that needs to be considered when dieting to get rid of man boobs is that total lifestyle overhaul is necessary.

This is not just a quick fix that includes changing one’s food preferences. This is a long term pursuit that will build on better eating habits and food choices.

It is also important to note that dieting alone will not cut it although it is an integral part of losing the man boob once and for all.

Again, a lifestyle change is necessary where correct food choices will meet the motivation to burn excess calories and fats in the body through consistent and regular exercise.

Workouts accelerate results of the proper diet

Diet Pointers for Effective Eradication of Man Breasts

Here are some diet pointers that can provide a general guideline of what a man boobs diet is like.

  • Limit your calories. Calorie counting might sound scary to many but this is a habit worthy to be strengthened. By knowing how many calories you have already eaten for the day you can better monitor your efforts of eating less. Men need around 1200 to 1600 calories a day to function. Eating within these numbers can mean you will not gain any more weight. Eating less than this will mean you will lose weight. Before you put food in your mouth, know its caloric value. This should whip you into shape if you are determined to eat less than your body’s caloric requirements.
  • Steer clear from food that is processed, deep fried, and packaged. These have very high saturated fat content and will only add to the high level of fat already in your body. Packaged foods are also known to have a very high estrogen content which can encourage the swelling of the breasts. Cutting off soy can help a lot in this endeavor too.
  • Get rid of excess sugar in your diet. If you love to eat white bread and pasta then that would explain why you have the man boob problem in the first place. Carbohydrates convert to sugar when ingested by the body and this causes the build up of fats in the chest area. Steer clear from foods that have a high level of fructose, glucose and other food elements that have an “ose” extension (which means it contains sugar). Cutting off sugar to extremely low figures can help you fight man boobs effectively.
  • Move away from starchy food and embrace food rich in protein. Move away from starchy food such as rice or even wheat and prefer food rich in protein. Lean meat, poultry, and fish are a good source of protein. Protein is easier to burn and it also feeds the muscles. This can improve metabolism dramatically while starving the body from starches that are the main culprit of fat deposits in the body.

You have to understand that embracing good nutrition can mean an impressive level of body fat reduction of up to 70%. Key points to keep in mind: eliminate as much sugar in your diet by saying no to soda, fruit juice, and starchy food.

Increase your intake of fat burning green leafy vegetables, eat protein-rich food (no, not just red meat), and eat the right amount of food in each meal. Make sure your meal intervals are regular so that you will not end up starving yourself.

Food that is good for gynecomastia

Food That Can Make or Break Your Fight With Man Boobs

Here are two lists of food items. Check what food you need to eat and what you do not need on your plate.

  • Foods that you should NOT eat: apples, carrots, barley, oats, red beans, rice, tomatoes, soybeans, cherries, chickpeas, olive oil, eggplant, dates, eggs, cucumbers, parsley, peppers, potatoes, wheat, yams, plums, and pumpkin. Remember that these should NOT be completely eradicated in your diet. This list will just give you an idea which food to eat in moderation. These food items are in the list because these have a natural amount of estrogen which can defeat the body’s fat burning ability.
  • Foods that you SHOULD eat: dark chocolate, watermelon seeds, shrimp, crab, beef liver, egg yolks, lobster, turkey, peanuts, brown rice, squash seeds, salmon, lean beef, lima beans, and spinach. This does not mean you can eat these foods abusively. This will just provide you with a list of foods that you need to eat more. These foods are known to be rich in zinc which can help in increasing testosterone levels. Testosterone is known to help in muscle building and also helps to lose chest fat.

Juicing to Increase Your Testosterone and Reduce Your Gyno

Low testosterone level is one of the causes of gynecomastia. Men with low testosterone have low libido, are getting overweight easily and have no energy.

Testosterone is a man hormone and lack of it cause changes in man body that are not desirable, one of these changes can be gynecomastia.

Juicing to remove your gynoHave you ever thought that you can boost your testosterone and reduce gynecomastia by juicing?

It is actually possible. Juicing is very beneficial for your health, as this way you deliver many nutrients to your body that are very easily absorbed.

So, juicing can help you be more healthy, but what about increasing testosterone and getting rid of those moobs?

You just need to juice the right combination of vegies and fruit.

I’m not an expert by any means and that’s why I recommend you to check this guy who is a master of juicing for increasing your manhood.

At the moment I’m testing his recipes and must admit that I’m really impressed with results I’m getting. My moobs were already ok but my libido has skyrocketed 🙂

A diet helping get rid of gynecomastia does exist. Perhaps the hardest thing to do is deciding to eat the right food, in the right amount, and in the correct intervals. These demand discipline on your part.

If you really want to get rid of your issue you also need to realize that a man boobs diet is useless when it is not pursued every day for the rest of your life.

As fast as you can get rid of your tits with proper diet, it is twice faster to lose all that success when you stop eating right.

If you want to increase your chances of getting rid of your man boobs or you want to make this process faster you should consider using other means like creams or pills for gynecomastia.

The man boobs diet and exercise should be the base of your chest transformation but the right supplements can help you get results you want.



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