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I’m Matt – 41 years old former gynecomastia sufferer. Welcome to my site GynoGuide.com

Matt Harper

I had a tryst with gynecomastia a long time ago during my teen years.

I used to look pretty strange back then, with my overgrown chest, and a partially grown beard. No points for guessing that I was least popular among girls.

For those of you who might not be aware, gynecomastia or man boobs as evident from the name is the enlargement of breasts in boys or men because of excessive growth of breast tissue under their tits (nipple or areola).

While people close to you might tell you that it’s nothing to worry about, it’s only the person who suffers from it who knows how distressing and embarrassing it can be.

From whatever I learned about gynecomastia at that time, when I was 17, I had hoped that it would go away once I was through with my teenage years and enter adulthood. However, unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

I Became an Unsocial Recluse and Got into Depression

There came a time when getting bullied in college became a norm for me and I’d be teased by all and sundry every day.

My friends would go to beach vacations and I had to cop out for obvious reasons. The idea of someone catching me topless used to scare the shit out of me!

It didn’t take me much time to become an unsocial recluse. What more, I had my fair share of sessions with a shrink as well.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get rid of my man boobs. My parents were very worried and after their repeated requests, I started exercising regularly and tried out all kinds of diets.

A point came when I was willing to do anything and everything possible to somehow get rid of this problem.

In the wake of it all, I was introduced to some health supplements that I started taking as an experiment.

Please note, I didn’t consume anything blindly.

Because I used to spend so much of my time at home, away from public eye, I would read as much as I could about gynecomastia and its different treatment options, including surgery (which my folks couldn’t afford and I was dead scared of).

There were some alternative treatments which did help me to a certain degree, but the problem was far from over.

All the reading I did, helped me look at the problem from different perspectives and gave me a newfound clarity on the subject.

At one point, I was studying about gynecomastia like my whole life depended on it…. And it actually did!

I just couldn’t take the social embarrassment anymore. And my parents were also feeling the pinch of the depression treatment cost.

My study of gynecomastia gave me a ray of hope.

Soon all the knowledge and clarity I gained about gynecomastia, helped me make certain changes to my routine and use some alternative treatment options that began delivering visible results.

I understood that the main reason for this ugly problem was the hormonal imbalance in my body.

Our bodies have two main hormones – testosterone and estrogen – which control the male and female traits respectively.

While estrogen is known as the female hormone, men produce this hormone in s small quantity as well.

It is estrogen that determines the female traits, including breast growth in the body. Many people believe that estrogen is all about women, however, as mentioned above, men also produce it to a certain extent.

However, whenever your body’s hormone balance goes out of the whack, your estrogen levels can rise and testosterone levels fall, leading to gynecomastia.

I am no guru at this subject but it became very clear to me that in order to get rid of this problem for good, I had to strike it in the root, which was nothing but the hormonal imbalance.

Once you get to know the main cause behind this imbalance and prevent it from happening, you would have resolved a major part of the problem.

However, these results were also not permanent, and I had to make several tweaks here and there to get the right combination to get the best results.

It was more about understanding my body and using my knowledge to get rid of gynecomastia and man boobs once and for all. I’ve been gynecomastia free for almost 15 years now and have been leading a healthy life.

How This Website Came About?!

In 2013 the same shrink that I was seeing during my man boobs years reached out to me and requested me to help someone else who had been facing the same problem.

I had no hesitation in helping Tim (name changed) out, whom I could relate to very well. After meeting him I felt as if I was seeing history repeating itself in front of my eyes.

I worked closely with this college kid and made sure that he didn’t end up using his body like a guinea pig, as I did.

The timing of it all was also such that I had free time on my hands and was looking for some social initiatives to pull myself away from my stressful professional life.

The idea of creating Gynoguide came from the successful stint I had with Tim.

I have squeezed out all my understanding of gynecomastia on this portal and regularly review and go over products that might help people overcome this major problem.

I also offer useful and personalized advice (sometimes) to help people tide over their man boobs plateaus.

Many times, people hit a dead end with gynecomastia therapies and just can’t reduce their man boobs anymore. My advice has often helped them tide over such plateaus.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention that this website was created solely to express my personal opinions and discoveries that I made during my struggle with gynecomastia, and the knowledge I gained by trying out all kinds of exercise regiments and diet plans.

If you want to get in touch with me, go directly to my Contact page.

Disclaimer: I constantly strive to provide detailed and well-researched information and reviews to the readers, telling them about all the products’ ingredients, side effects, and health benefits.

This website was developed specifically to help you gain quick info about gynecomastia solutions, and equip you to take independent and well-informed decisions for its cure.

Please note, Gynoguide.com is not a medical advice center and can never be treated as a substitute for medical consultation.

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